Amy M. Sheesley

As co-founder of Saltiel Wealth Management Amy M. Sheesley is focused on fulfilling our mission to inspire intelligent tweaks to cause, freedom, confidence and prosperity for You!

Making a positive impact in the quality of the lives of the people she serves is WHY Amy helps people make wise choices with their money. Over the last 15 years Amy has uncovered and taught strategies that expand prosperity. Prosperity includes financial well-being, health, happiness and life satisfaction.

To measure success, we begin with the clients identifying their desired outcome. What kind of future do you want to live into?   Then we work together to create the desired outcomes and the highest possible income streams. Income streams set up to flow for entire life times and even beyond allow people to live with freedom and confidence.

For over 6 years Amy successfully offered her College Planning Workshop to her surrounding community. Amy’s curiosity and education have prepared her to clearly communicate the fundamental financial principles of wealth building and wealth distribution.  Clear communication is essential given that financial choices can be complex in nature.

  • As a young adult Amy began an extensive training program in human potential, peak performance and mindfulness. Over the years she has studied with many noted coaches and teachers of transformational and financial industry expertise.

    Before establishing her Financial Practice, she lived a 16-year adventure: making her home in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Costa Rica, Mexico and Belgium with her husband, a US Diplomat, as they raised their 3 children.

    Also earned through her studies are a diploma from Instituto de Lengua Española in San Jose Costa Rica, and a baccalaureate degree in Nursing from the University of Colorado. She has served on the board of directors of financial and nonprofit organizations.

    She treasures families including her eight fantastic grandchildren. She values serving, kindness, excellence, prayer, and meditation. Friends, hiking, gardening, and yoga expand her joy.



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