Carl Horne

As a musician, my best moments have been at live events when the music touches someone so deeply it takes on a life of its own. It becomes a connection, a relationship, a comfort.

My mission is to help individuals, families and small businesses make informed decisions about insurance that can help protect their health and financial well-being. It takes connection and relationship to accomplish this. Knowing you have the right coverage to protect your health and minimize risk to your income or business provides great comfort. There is an art to providing that depth of “peace of mind.”

After years of working with a software start up company, Carl learned a great deal about patience, listening, and wearing many hats. Around the time that the demands of the company would have forced him to leave the Bay Area, he was speaking with his insurance advisor about changes he needed to make. His advisor suggested to Carl that his thoughtful nature would make him a great insurance advisor. That conversation sparked the beginning of a new career and 12 years later, Carl still loves intently listening to his clients to understand their needs and find the best solutions to fit them.

Joining Pillar6 has enabled Carl to expand the scope of his work by partnering with a robust team of like minded professionals that always put their clients needs first.  Whether it is personal Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care, or Employee Benefits for closely held businesses, Carl looks forward to exploring the options with you.

Carl lives in San Francisco, with his wife Ellie, daughter India, and twin boys, Leroy and Evan. When time permits, Carl still enjoys playing music, running, cooking, and of course participating in as many of the children’s adventures as we can fit in.

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