Dan Blair

Daniel Blair is Sr. Partner/ Sr. Wealth Advisor at Summit Wealth Strategies, LLC, an Independent Financial Advisory and Planning firm in Denver. Daniel and the Summit Wealth Strategies team believe that financial planning is the foundation for providing independent and objective advice. Dan is dedicated to guiding his clients through the critical financial decisions that come up, as they prepare for and live out their retirements.

Daniel has nearly two decades of experience in the financial services industry. He has a wide breadth of knowledge and provides planning advice in the areas of wealth, estate and legacy planning, cash flow distribution planning, asset protection, and various tax strategies that help business owners as well as individuals grow and secure their wealth.

Daniel Blair received his BS from Eastern Connecticut State University, and is an individual who believes you never stop learning.

When Dan is not working, he spends his time with his fiance’, teenage daughter and dogs. You also might see him fly fishing in a trout stream, or with an apron on cooking for friends and family. Dan is an active member of a Church community and volunteers for the local food banks. Dan also enjoys the outdoors and you might catch him on a boat fishing while having an in depth scientific conversation with his friends and family.


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