Jeff Bliss, CEP, RFC

This event is hosted by Jeffrey D. Bliss, CEP, RFC the President and founder of Wealthwise Technologies, Inc. and an investment advisor representative with Sound Income Strategies, LLC. Jeff has helped hundreds of South Florida retirees and pre-retirees while emphasizing the protection of assets from stock market loss, minimizing excessive investment fees, and creating income during retirement that you cannot outlive. He has been helping individuals with their retirement needs for over 35 years. Every advisor at Wealthwise Technologies is a fiduciary, meaning, client best interests first, by law. Clients are encouraged to attend a complimentary annual review. Wealthwise Technologies is a full-service, well-established, professional office with friendly support staff eager to serve. Whether you are retired or about to retire, this special dinner event will provide you with valuable information. Learn how you can protect your principal, achieve reasonable returns over time, potentially increase your retirement income and make educated decisions regarding your financial future.


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