Jonica Rowland, DBA, MBA

Dr. Jonica Rowland has been assisting clients for 15 years with protecting their assets, planning for retirement lifestyle, and leaving a legacy. In fact, she helped some retirees and families to maintain their health and wealth during life crises. She uses her wealth of knowledge from her retirement research along with her years of experience to help her clients to learn more than what they learned from traditional methods of retirement planning. Dr. Jonica helps people improve their quality of life from childhood to the working years to retirement.
Dr. Jonica graduated from North Carolina State University with an Applied Sociology degree. Later, she earned her Master of Business Administration. After concerns about the 2008 housing crisis, she decided to complete her doctoral degree in 2018 to help fill in the research gap about poverty in retirement. She had the opportunity to experience her father retire with adequate investments and retirement
savings. To avoid the most frequent ways that many retirees ruin opportunities to save for their retirement, do not miss an appointment with Dr. Jonica. Call to schedule your appointment today.


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