Linda Jensen

Linda Jensen is the principal and owner of Asset Care & Preservation Services with offices in
Olympia, WA. Linda began her career with Prudential Preferred in 1994 where she was an
agency leader. She earned the credentials of a financial planner and has been in practice as an
investment and insurance professional since that time. Linda started her own company in

Some of the most common concerns of Linda’s clients are:

  • Not having a written plan
  • Taking too much risk
  • Understanding when to draw Social Security Benefits
  • Concern about the next market correction and potential losses
  • Someone to call if a partner dies or is incapacitated
  • Not understanding how long their savings will last in retirement
  • Advice about the best way to take income from retirement accounts

Linda offers TSP Morningstar Reports that highlight the amount of risk of the portfolio (BETA,)
potential Drawdown (the percentage of an investment that could be lost in the event of a
market correction,) average returns, and much more. Matching her clients with the
appropriate amount of risk for their comfort and security is the foundation of financial

Linda Has enjoyed conducting educational seminars for the past 20 years and is currently
offering Retirement Planning and Social Security workshops in Thurston, Pierce, and Lewis
Counties. She is an expert in all aspects of retirement planning.


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