Michael Widlake

Michael Widlake is the president and owner of Commonwealth Guardians. His focus is helping New England residents and their families achieve their financial goals and live out their retirement dreams by working together to create successful financial strategies. Michael did not start out in the financial industry. He embraced music at an early age where he learned the clarinet and Piano, and under the tutelage of his parents, who were both amateur musicians, he fostered a love of communicating through music. Michael attended Oberlin College where he studied piano performance and French literature before leaving to pursue a professional music career. After some success Michael decided to pursue another one of his passions which is helping people.
Through personal experience and hard study Michael came to realize that the financial world is filled with many confusing financial choices. The most difficult decision many people struggle with is how to come up with a plan that will help them meet their goals for retirement. Michael’s focus is on educating clients and assisting them in achieving their financial goals and their financial independence up to and including their retirement years. Michael works with his clients to incorporate smart savings strategies, tax strategies, and find a reasonable and secure net return on their investments in order to help them maximize their returns and minimize potential mistakes.


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