Robert Totaro

Bob, being a South Florida resident for 35 years and having grown up in Orlando, has developed a long-standing knowledge and a successful track record in the Investment Industry. Bob is fully licensed for all Security Investment products, Annuities and Life insurance products. Bob has been an industry leader and consultant for many years to 1000’s of Financial Planners, Investment Brokers and Life Insurance product specialist. He has had professional clients have ranging from firms such as Merrill Lynch, Raymond James, LPL, New York Life, Metropolitan Life and Prudential Life. For several years Bob traveled the country teaching Investment Brokers, Financial Planners and Life Insurance agents about the features and benefits of many different products. He and his company have handled well over $1Billion Dollars for brokers and their investment clients since. Two years ago, Bob began to wind down his consulting practice in an effort to stay closer to home and stop traveling. Bob has begun a local financial Planning practice.

You will find that Bob’s vast industry experience, full product knowledge, professional attitude, friendly open style, his education and his intelligence will be very beneficial toward fulfilling YOUR HOPES & DREAMS.

Bob is truly all about, “DON’T LOSE THE MONEY, BUT AT THE SAME TIME TRY TO GET THE BEST REASONABLE RETURN AS POSSIBLE.” Bob’s philosophy is, “don’t chase yield, it is often too good to be true.” Investors need Reasonable Return, Liquidity and diversification.


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