Steven Wise

Steven V. Wise MBA, IAR, Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF)

For over 23 years now the footprint of Steven Wise and later Beacon Associates has been huge in the Northwest Ohio area. Initially founded on healthcare for small business owners and the self-employed a book of over 4000 clients and families was generated. Later financial and benefit planning for Veterans and surviving spouses was added, over 3000 were assisted to help endure the cost of long-term care and still pass on a legacy. The backdrop of Steven and Beacon Associates has always been education, as Steven continues to educate families on retirement issues such as Medicare, Social Security Maximization, income planning and tax planning. The client always comes first in his world, first education which allows them to make the best choices for themselves, this includes whether they want to work with us as their advisors. Family has always been number one to Steven, Rhonda his wife is Vice President and one half of the Medicare Diva’s. Rhonda and Steven have 5 children and 10 grandchildren. Their son Quinten a licensed attorney is joining the firm as it continues to expand.


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