Todd Krantz

As an independent advisor, my practice is focused on comprehensive financial planning with an emphasis on protecting assets from downside risks. My clients include retirees, baby boomers and business owners. I specialize in helping protect the “conservative” portion of your assets — that portion that you simply cannot afford to lose. I offer a number of options, including guaranteed annuities, to help safeguard your hard-earned money. I endeavor to know and understand your unique financial situation and to provide you with the absolute highest quality of information, services and products to help you reach your goals.

I take a personal approach to financial planning, offering a high level of service paired with years of experience, comprehensive resources and support, objective advice and in-depth knowledge. I am passionately committed to service. Through my dedication to service, I create value for my clients and community. The result is unique financial and retirement solutions that cater to your individual needs, goals and vision.


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