Bill Lillvis

William I. Lillvis is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of LS&A and instructor for AFES. His passion for financial education began in 1999 in the wake of the bust. His career is dedicated to helping individuals, families and small businesses take control of their financial future…

As a founder and President of Lifetime Plus Inc., Bill, as most people know him, has built a strong insurance and financial services practice by emphasizing knowledge, value and client service. Year after year Bill has continued to expand his knowledge of effective strategies and “financial solutions” that take advantage of the latest technology while never losing sight of the importance of value and client service. He travels nationwide and networks with professionals and organizations that can enhance his expertise and he enjoys bringing this expertise to the classroom as an AFES instructor. Through Lifetime Plus Inc., and his team of Professionals, Bill has helped 1000’s of clients work through the complexities of reaching their financial goals while avoiding the risks and pitfalls that can endanger their leisure years.


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