William Spar

Bill Graduated from the University of Phoenix with his Bachelor of Science Degree in both Management and Business. He then went on to graduate from the University of Redlands in Southern California where he completed his Master of Arts degree, also in Management and Business.

After a long stint in the family’s real estate business, Bill decided to go into business for himself in the Insurance & Financial Services industry in 2000.
Bill’s approach to investment management is the culmination of 17+ years of study both in academia as well as “on the street” rooted in research, thousands of interviews as well as having the privilege of being a Proof-reader on many industry books from long time industry-partners!

A dynamic speaker, Bill has been speaking and teaching about retirement, investments and Tax-Free Income for many years around the Western half of the Country. Enthusiasm is an understatement when it comes to Bill’s speaking style and is a staunch proponent of helping clients get to a Zero-Percent (0%) Tax Bracket to help create a Tax-Free Income.

Bill has been blessed to not only have been on the cover but also written about in industry magazines, detailing his work both in the industry as well as his commitment to give back to the communities that his firm does business in.

Bill resides full time in Phoenix, AZ. with his wife Dena and their children, Billy Jack and Josi. Bill is an avid golfer and loves sports such as football, motocross and NASCAR. Bill is the owner of a Tax & Expense Reduction company (ARP Tax Pro, LLC.) and an Investment & Advisory firm (Advanced Retirement Planning, LLC.) and has three offices: Phoenix, Los Angeles & Las Vegas.


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