Yelisey Kuts

Yelisey Kuts is the proud son of two immigrants from Ukraine. Before his second birthday, his parents afforded him the opportunity of a lifetime. His father Nikolay and his mother Nadia left the former Soviet Union and moved to the most remarkable country on earth, the United States.

Yelisey is deeply grateful to his parents for teaching him the value of hard work and discipline. While pursuing his master’s degree in business from Oral Roberts University, Yelisey always found ways to volunteer his time in the community. As a team leader for Habitat for Humanity, he found fulfillment in helping others. Now, as he councils those who are nearing retirement, he can truly express his gratitude and appreciation to his family. Yelisey dedicates much of his time to providing people with the resources and information that they’re entitled to. His approach is extremely detailed and methodical, ensuring that every hard earned dollar is protected. Yelisey is Securities and Insurance licensed. 


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