Is this a college-credit course?
No. All of our courses are non-credit and for personal enrichment

Can I bring a spouse/friend with me?
Your tuition payment covers two people and includes one workbook

Can I get a second workbook for my spouse/friend?
Yes. Additional workbooks are available for an additional fee (cost varies by class)

If I have questions about how the materials covered in class pertain to my personal situation can I talk with, or meet with the instructor outside of class?
Yes, you may. A one-on-one meeting is included with your tuition payment. However, this is completely optional

Can I re-take the class?
Yes! If you feel like you want to take the class over again, for whatever reason, you may do so for no charge. Simply notify AFES or your instructor so you can get registered for the next class

Am I going to be sold anything in class?
No. All of our courses are strictly educational. Selling of products is strictly forbidden in AFES courses

Can I take the class online?
No. Currently our classes are taught in a classroom setting

Can I get the workbook before class?
No. Course materials are provided at the beginning of the course

I don’t have time to come to class. Can I just purchase the workbook and complete the course on my own?
No. Our courses are designed to be taught in an interactive classroom setting and are not designed for self-study

Is the instructor bi-lingual, and is the material presented in two languages at once?
No. All of our course are taught in English

What are the hours of the registration line?
Registration can be done online 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our live registrar is available M-F from 8:00am – 4:30pm Central time. We are closed for major holidays. Any messages left for the registrar are returned within 1 business day

Oops, I forgot I had class and missed it. Can I attend the next class? Oops, I forgot I had class and missed it. Can I attend the next class?
Yes, you may attend the next course. Simply notify AFES or your instructor that you missed the class. You will be registered for the next available class

Can I switch nights/days of my classes?
Yes. We realize that schedules change. If the workshop you registered for is offered on multiple nights in the week you may switch between sessions. Please notify your instructor that you want to make this arrangement

I want to know more about my instructor. How do I find out about them?
Each of our instructors is listed on the AFES website with a photo and bio

How do I contact my instructor?
You may email your instructor. Go to the Instructor bio page on AFES.org. There should be an email link there

I have a spouse/child/friend/co-worker who might benefit from this course, but they are not ready to retire yet. What is the suggested age to attend your courses?
All of our courses are designed for adults generally between the ages of 55-75. However, planning for retirement should happen earlier than 55 years of age. Someone younger than 55 might benefit from the information in our courses, but to get the most from the content it is advised that the attendees be at least 52 years of age or older