Our Mission

The Dodd-Frank act, which fundamentally changed Wall Street, formed a commission to better understand the level of financial literacy among American Consumers. The commission´s findings showed a startling lack of understanding of financial concepts, and strongly suggested financial literacy education for adults.

Adult Financial Education Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation, is devoted to helping improve the financial literacy of adults 50 and over who are concerned about their retirement savings and how to ensure a safe, secure future. We develop courses of study that educate students about financial terms, concepts, and strategies in a classroom setting giving them tools they need to make smart decisions about their financial future.

AFES instructors are comprised of licensed insurance and financial professionals who work as financial advisors, insurance and investment specialists, and a variety of other related financial professions. Our instructors have been trained to present the course materials in an easy-to-understand format. AFES instructors are dedicated to following the directive of the Dodd-Frank Act which is; to improve the financial literacy of adult Americans. Our goal is to provide high quality financial education in order to help students understand their finances, and make better financial decisions for their retirement years by understanding the role that bank assets, life insurance/annuities, and securities play in balancing risk, growth and income for their retirement needs.