Who We Are

Welcome To Adult Financial Education Services

The AFES Retirement Planning courses cover all the bases to help you plan for your retirement. In each of our courses we examine and discuss investment choices and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your options. Since circumstances vary by individual, one size does not fit everyone’s investment needs. Therefore, students are taught how to construct a financial plan for investing that fits their exact needs yet can be altered without pain should changing conditions warrant.

Our process differs markedly from the typical Wall Street approach to financial planning because it considers all available options rather than just the narrow band that is traditionally touted by Wall Street and its representatives. Our courses are taught by instructors who are active participants in the financial services industry and have  been taught the proper presentation, delivery and objectivity necessary to raise students’ overall financial literacy about investments and planning strategies. At the end of  our courses students will have learned there is no “right” or “wrong” strategy, but rather “suitable” and “unsuitable” investments and “too large” and “too small” percentage allocations to otherwise suitable options for their individual circumstances. Our instructors do not advocate shortcuts or secrets to wealth or investment gains but rather a conservative approach that fosters predictability, stability and availability to match the current and future needs of the individual.