Ben Smith

Ben is a self-proclaimed nerd. It’s a gift and curse that he embraces, and he surrounds himself with the right people to balance out his quirks. His wife and daughter are the most important people to him. His faith and profession are also top passions and priorities. In his 19 years of investing and professional experience, he’s realized that people are harder to manage than money. So, matching people to strategies is more than just risk-management and tax planning for now and the future. It’s also managing expectations and experience, and helping everyone on the team know their role, including clients, so that the relationship can weather all the storms life throws at us.

Ben’s biases and expertise align most with business owners, high earners, and other grounded control freaks who want to increase their influence and protections. He knows this is best accomplished with synergistic collaboration with as many experts that circumstances justify, again including each clients’ expertise! That’s why Ben founded his own company, to help others find the strategies they would on their own if they were experts in more fields. It’s also why he joined the Summit team. He sees Summit as the right sized team to diversify time-tested strategies with innovation and holistic vision.


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