Taxes, fees and other risk factors, are big erodes of family wealth. By not adequately addressing and not permanently solving these risk factors, can later bring worry. Ken Walbridge believes that every hard-working American should enjoy a Worry Free Retirement. Ken addresses the risk factors; therefore, Ken helps savers, worry less about their money. Let Ken put together a Worry Free Retirement Blueprint plan for you, to get you on the road to a Worry Free Retirement. Ken is a Certified Estate Planner and a Registered Financial Consultant. Ken was raised in a family of Retirement Planners (his father and two uncles), in a very “Norman Rockwell” type of family environment. Ken graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in the Department of Finance and Insurance. Ken has over 25 years of experience with Bridge Financial, Mature Asset Planning and other associations in helping clients achieve a Worry Free Retirement. Ken’s clients agree: Ken is an appreciating relationship. Ken has a great talent for taking the most complex planning issues and explaining them in a clear, concise and easily understood fashion. Ken’s independent status allows him the freedom to best serve his clients, without bias to any product, strategy, service or company. Ken puts the client’s needs first. Ken’s knowledge, servant heart and down- to- earth “How I can be of service?” sincere, approach is refreshing, easy to relate to, and has, thus, benefited many to be Worry Free in Retirement. Ken is a family man; he is also the Co-Founder of Bridge Ministries, is a Missionary to Uganda and is an Elder in his church.


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