Matthew Jehn

As a young entrepreneur and small business owner , priority. With that came a deeper understanding that being committed to a client’s success was also a commitment to his own growth and expertise – a philosophy Matt continues to embrace every day.

Also instilled within Matt is the understanding that each client has unique needs – and that there is no “one size fits all” program or solution. Whether an individual or couple wanting financial balance, Matt helps every clients design a unique tailored plan using the Balanced Formula™. He provides the same service to business clients, helping to ensure the business owners understand their choices, and how to make informed decisions about the products and services best-suited to their needs – and to their bottom line.

Matt strongly believes that knowledge is power, and is focused on ensuring that business and consumer clients understand the options that will develop a financial plan that meets their needs and goals.

At Royal Oak, we understand that we cannot be everything to everyone, nor do we expect to be – but we can be all things to some people.
Our relationships are based on ensuring a mutual fit with a high level of comfort, and the desire to grow a strong partnership that is beneficial for every consumer and business client that we serve.

Matt Jehn earned his Bachelor’s Degree in family financial planning from The Ohio State University, and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). He enjoys family time, gardening, reading, exercising, and volunteering his time.


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