Stewart Fields

As Managing Partner of OpenAir Advisers, Stewart is responsible for the execution of the company’s mission, vision and financial success. He is also charged with developing, communicating, and executing the client’s financial plan while maintaining full transparency.

Stewart brings to OpenAir Advisers executive-level leadership, with a deep understanding of all aspects of the business as well as a clear vision. Stewart ensures that the company culture and its values are applied consistently from top to bottom. He has an active role in driving client satisfaction with a keen knowledge of financial planning. Stewart is a passionate advocate as a true fiduciary that provides the best platforms and strategies for clients. This strategy allows Open Air Advisers to offer methods that are efficient, objective, and strictly focused on each clients best interest.

His broad experience provides him with an array of perspectives that he can apply to an ever-changing investment market. After having success in many areas, he has identified the proper network of services to offer clients of various backgrounds.

Stewart is dedicated to the highest levels of client service by managing, maintaining, and growing client wealth responsibly and tax-efficiently. As a fiduciary and Certified Financial Planner™, he believes a foundation of transparency and trust are key to a successful partnership between clients and advisors.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Missouri. He also attended Southern Methodist University which allowed him to become a Certified Financial Planner™.


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