Tom Smith

Whatever generation you were born in, it’s a fact that we all will have to face uncertainty.  Uncertainty in our careers, the purchase or sale of real estate, taxes, rising health care costs, aging parent’s needs, and longer life expectancy.

The world has changed a great deal as I grew up.  No longer do we graduate from college, get a good job with a big company, and retire from there after 30 years with a nice pension and social security benefits.

Growing up with realtors as parents, I gained a passion for people and business through their example.  However, it wasn’t, until after I owned several businesses, that I found my true calling in the financial services industry by developing strategies that help people achieve their goals and address their concerns.

I worked hard on my financial education, by gaining several security and insurance licenses to ultimately help others with a plan of action to create their future financial reality.  We have had great success at helping people for over 27 years get on track by practicing good risk management and a willingness to make adjustments as situations and circumstances evolve.

Regardless of where you are on your financial journey, we have the tools and the expert people on our team to address your unique: situation, goals, and concerns.  Call us today at 707-226-6598

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