Gary B. Dannar

Gary B. Dannar
Gary is a member of The Association of Financial Educators and Adult Financial Education Services and a Master Registered Financial Consultant. For over 25 years he has helped his clients live their best life in their senior years by helping them grow, protect, and distribute their assets as well as leave great legacies to their loved ones.
As a young 26-year-old sign painter, a recruiter persuaded Gary he could make lots of money selling life insurance. Gary began his career selling burial insurance to low-income families (going house to house) in 1989. Gary could never really get comfortable with the manipulative selling processes the big insurance and investment companies were promoting. His heart was to help people the way he would want someone to help him, not just make another sale for commission. He worked with big name companies such as Prudential. He became focused on learning how the insurance and investment industry worked, along with its countless number of different products. Gary was determined to know his stuff and not be the guy who just wanted to make another sale. He treats people the way he wants to be treated and helps people the way he wants to be helped.
Gary and his wonderful wife Trina (who everyone adores) have reared and homeschooled three daughters and two sons. Trina and their son, Robert, work with Gary in his investment advisory and estate planning practice. They have a proven practical process and strategies to help their clients see and do what's really important when it comes to their financial independence and future.
Gary serves God by serving his family, his church, and his community. Spend a little time with him and you'll quickly come to find that he is someone you can put your trust in.

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