Hilary Zaragoza

Hilary Zaragoza
I am a long-time resident of Palm Harbor having transplanted here some 30 plus years ago from my hometown Chicago, Illinois. My business has grown on one simple principle, satisfy my client’s needs. Our proprietary method is designed to help clients understand their individual circumstances, assess their needs today and implement a retirement plan that is flexible enough to grow and change as needs change.  Clients welcome my straightforward approach and find my qualifications extremely valuable before and during retirement.  Many people I meet have similar questions and thoughts:  
  • What planning stage am I / we in?
  • Will I outlive my income?
  • How will my tax strategy help and support my financial goals for retirement?
  • Have I maximized my Social Security Benefits opportunity?
  • How will I/We keep up with inflation and the rising cost of health care?
  The answers to these questions are different for each of us and are best discussed with a knowledgeable advisor. Although the opinions offered by friends, employers and family are meant to be helpful, few of these resources have the specific expertise required to navigate these issues for each individual. With ZARA financial Group, you are connected to a network of established professionals and specialists.  Our practice is focused on the retirement stage of your planning, dedicated to your needs and personal goals. I have seen the benefits of having a proactive personalized and well thought out retirement plan.  I have also seen the struggle and angst of having to figure things out in the moment reactively. Our greatest strength as a company is educating and helping clients make retirement planning decisions based on good information.

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