Kristine Kanno

Kristine Kanno
Kristine brings her aloha culture to her work as a financial advisor with the intellectual discipline of an engineer and the heart of a loyal friend.  With a dual major in Industrial Engineering and Business, complicated problem sets are her specialty, but it is her rich connection with clients that she loves most about financial planning.
As an avid researcher, with over a decade in the industry, she excels at analysis and believes in maximizing her clients’ opportunities with every development in the environment or re-assessment of personal priorities.  She is an eager problem solver who loves to present her clients with creative solutions to complex challenges.
Kristine’s focus on her client’s values starts with the first meeting. She begins by asking lots of questions, but her service does not end with a careful strategy to optimize your financial plan. Her goal is to keep an eye on your business, watching for opportunities as they arise, and helping you adapt to the market, industry shifts, and the inevitable changes in your life. She’s there for the long haul. You and your business will grow and change in ways nobody can predict.  She’ll be in your corner for the duration, to ensure that your plan stays agile, taking full advantage of opportunities and remaining resilient to challenges.
As a spunky little island girl, Kristine worked her family farm, planting and harvesting the fragrant coffee beans that produce delicious Kona coffee.  Not only is she a tirelessly hard worker, but she has the patience and steadiness of a farmer who respects the process but understands that you have to nurture it over time.
​ Kristine’s objective is simple to state, but it requires a professional plan. Her passion for planning is the vision that inspires her work, but it started at home.  She saw her parents working hard and doing a great job all their lives, but with no access to financial advice, wealth was elusive. She offers every client a customized plan to protect their assets and to build a legacy strong enough to last.  She strives for her clients to be wealthy in every way, so they can be generous in every way.

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