Phillip DeFranco

Phillip DeFranco
Federal, Public and Private Sector Wealth Preservation Consultant

Northeast Advocacy Network, Inc.
Private Practice - Nationally Licensed Full-time
Dates Employed Sep 1988 – Present
Employment Duration 32 yrs 6 mos
Location United States

Educating Federal Employees, Public Sector Educators, and Everyday People throughout North America with retirement income distribution and Social Security Income maximization.

My Nationally Licensed Agency is a Boutique Shoppe with 32 years of combined experience. Whether you have a retirement nest egg of five million dollars or $50,000, we can help you make sure it works as hard and as smart as you did in earning and saving it.

I specialize in educating Federal Employees, Public Sector Educators engaged in Public School Systems, Colleges, and Universities, Union Employees, Professionals, Blue Collar, Grey Collar, and Everyday consumers with methods to maximize their retirement income, so they never outlive their money. I have always realized the importance of fulfilling this mission by providing the benefit of the upside of the stock market while eliminating asset loss due to stock market reductions. This is done while maintaining a healthy stock and bond portfolio if so desired.

What do I provide to people like you ?

My practice is not large, but educationally oriented following these attributes:

• Superior counsel and customer service.
• Guaranteed investment products that many times have no fees.
• Provide the most current income distribution methods available.
• How to create a private pension if your place of employment has not provided one.
• Enlightening those to the benefit of Guaranteed Lifetime Income, income they will never outlive.
• Satisfaction of knowing a healthy balance sheet can be secured.
• Ensuring everyone I work with receives the highest level of quality service in a professional manner.
• A group of satisfied consumers throughout North America who have benefited from these techniques.

I represent only top-rated companies with strong balance sheets and financial stability and have often received recognition for this added value. I have maintained a 100% clean lifetime compliance, regulatory, and consumer satisfaction history.
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