Robin “Boo” Andersen

Robin "Boo" Andersen
Boo Andersen believes financial education and having a team of honest, competent  professionals is the cornerstone to making sound financial decisions. Boo takes a great  deal of time getting to know each person he sits down with to ensure their retirement  plan is personalized and built to their unique needs.  His passion to be a financial advisor and educator began at a young age. When Boo  was 13 years old his father began having grand mal seizures, arising from head injuries  incurred during his career as a football player, at both BYU and the LA Rams. It took  medical professionals 5 years to get these seizures under control. Because Boo’s father  could no longer work in the same capacity, his family endured financial hardships that  Boo feels could have been prevented by proper financial planning.  Boo has worked in the financial services industry for the past 8 years specializing in  retirement planning, wealth preservation and risk management. Boo is a fiduciary and  understands the complexities of the changing financial climate and will always make  recommendations based on his clients best interests. His passion for building  personalized portfolios and implementing financial plans, to minimize the risks that  obliterate families' assets, has been one of his life's greatest achievements.  Boo earned his degree from the University of Utah on a scholarship to play football.  When he is not working, Boo enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, playing 

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