Scott Williams

Scott Williams

With decades of experience, Scott Williams joined PEAK American in 2008 just as the Great Recession was unfolding. Since that time, Scott has helped thousands of families navigate some of the toughest economic times and fast-changing shift in how we live, save, and invest. Over the years he’s developed an even deeper passion and proprietary methodology for empowering clients across the nation to plan their financial future and, more importantly, succeed in their ambitions. Unwavering in his commitment to customer care, Scott is always willing to go the extra mile to provide the kind of exceptional service that’s hard to find in this day in age.

As one of the brightest, yet humble minds in the industry, Scott knows how to solve even the most complex financial enigmas using simple, easy to understand solutions. He also strives to ensure a comfortable, yet thorough approach so his clients feel engaged and at ease knowing that he’s constructing a sound plan, no matter what outcome is needed.  His client-first approach aligns with the PEAK belief that we should treat others exactly how we would want to be treated. Scott’s immense industry experience carefully constructed plans and exceptional customer service are just a few reasons why Scott is a top advisor in the DFW area.\

Scott Williams Specializes In:

Retirement Income Strategies, Comprehensive Investment Planning, Tax-Efficient Portfolio Construction, Healthcare Plan Design, Hybrid Insurance Solutions

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