Thomas Rogers

Thomas Rogers
Today we are living in a different world than we did 20 years ago. For most of your working life, you have been saving this wealth and watching it grow. It used to be enough to focus on the interest rate and the return earned by your money. It used to be that if you spent a lifetime working and then retired, the biggest worry on your mind was how much time do I have left? Today, more people are worried about outliving their funds, and questions about retirement planning have changed. How will future taxes impact your nest egg? How will you feel when you start spending this money?
My name is Thomas Rogers -after joining Edward Jones in 1999, the stock market had the worst three-year return we have seen in our lifetime. I gained valuable experience from listening to clients, building plans that work even if the stock market doesn’t go up every year, and gained a better understanding of how to protect your life savings. After leaving Edward Jones, I headed up a team that grew to manage over 1 billion dollars in assets. When we sold that company in 2008, these experiences gave me the confidence to start Structured Wealth Management.
If you’re worried about where the income will come from, wondering where to move the money, and how to keep it safe, then you owe it to yourself to get answers specific to your situation. I am here to help you design a plan you can have confidence in so you’re free to focus on the things most important to you. Because we live in a sales-oriented world, we often find that many of the portfolios we review are set up with a one-size-fits-all mentality. When a strategy is structured and well-thought-out, with clearly defined goals written into the plan, then you have a direct line of sight to your future. Using the best of modern technology, proprietary software, and customized reports, we can show you exactly where you are now, how far away you are from reaching your goals, and how to get where you want to go—and stay. Destination: Retirement.
Future healthcare implications, tax hikes, when to take Social Security, and the impact of sudden loss all make it critical that you position your savings correctly to meet your goals. At Structured Wealth, we take pride in being called “Tax and Income Specialists”. This is what I wake up and love to do every day. Our team has completed over 20,000 tax returns, which gives us a better understanding of how to customize your tax-efficient income plan.
At our firm, we answer our phones, and we meet with you face-to-face. We offer access to virtually every kind of strategy, investment, and insurance solution you could possibly need. I invite you to experience our customized process, one designed to give you a greater sense of certainty with your retirement plan so that, finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief.
Family is one of the three pillars of my life and helping new clients feels like an extension of that family. It would be my privilege to serve as your advisor and help you make the right decisions for your family.

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