Vicki Joern

Vicki Joern
How many of you have had an “aha moment” that has changed the direction of your life? Let me share 3 “aha moments” that changed mine.
I started my career as an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry but didn’t feel I was achieving what I wanted to in my career; I didn’t have a passion. I realized I wanted to have more of a personal impact through personal relationships than I was able to in the engineering industry.
My 1st “aha moment” occurred when sitting at a funeral of my neighbor. I was surprised a financial advisor was such a good friend they wanted him to speak at the funeral. That’s when I realized I was in the wrong career and I really wanted to have more of a relational impact on people’s lives.
My 2nd “aha moment” occurred when my spouse and I visited with our financial advisor for a review. He never addressed or acknowledge me, my concerns, or asked if I had any questions. What if I lost my husband, he was disabled, we both lost our jobs; could I provide for him and / or our family? My take-away when I left the meeting was “I wondered, how does he treat other women?”.
My 3rd “aha moment” was a family friend in his late 30’s who died unexpectedly from a heart attack. His wife and 3 young children were left without any savings, a mortgage, no income, and a wife with little or no knowledge of what to do.
My “WHY” is because of these 3 “aha moments”. I made a major career change so I can help women and their families financially prepare for today and the uncertainties of tomorrow. That’s why I’m so passionate and committed to helping you make the most of your “aha moments” to get you to and through the retirement you want.

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